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Nettleden is a massive resource of information on interesting and forgotten locations across the UK. As well as providing details historical information on urban exploration venues, Nettleden offers map locations, grid references, photos and videos. It also gives users the tools to comment on pages, photos and videos.

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Great book if you like secret bunkers. 👍🏼 Steve makes the most obscure and unknown places seem interesting, with lots of history and maps.
John Doe
Ever wondered what it's like to attend a paranormal event, deep underground? There's a great write-up of such an event as well as other underground mysteries.
Jane Doe
The complete secret bunker instruction manual. It even includes advice on accessing bunkers, illegally or not.
Jimmy Doe

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Steve Higgins - Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits

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Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits by Steve Higgins

There are as many as 60 miles of underground tunnels beneath Wiltshire, England alone. While some of these abandoned and decaying subterranean spaces are playgrounds for urban explorers, others have been shrouded in secrecy for decades. This bunker-busting journey to some of Britain's dark and forgotten places will give you the chance to peek behind the heavy blast-proof doors of some of the country's best-kept underground secrets.

Embrace the darkness and uncover the forgotten history that is waiting to be discovered below ground — the weird mix of fact, folklore, and mythology. Venture into decommissioned command bunkers, probe now-mothballed Cold War nuclear hideouts, uncover the World War II secrets that are still hidden beneath the British countryside, and find out how the tunnels left behind by 19th-century quarrymen provided a safe haven for these covert schemes.

Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits Available Now

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A word from the author

There are plenty of stories to be told on this underground adventure, from the tales of covert government agents skulking around the secretive underground base in Corsham formerly known as RAF Rudloe Manor, to the wartime spirits of a cloak-and-dagger underground aircraft factory in Kidderminster. There's even wild rumours linking one of the UK's most secure underground locations to a government department tasked with gathering intelligence on extraterrestrial encounters.

Circumvent the anti-trespass barriers, dodge the bats, and descend into these hidden landscapes to discover why people are so fascinated by the unknown worlds beneath their feet.

Steve Higgins - Hidden, Forbidden & Off-Limits
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Also available as hardcover, eBook and audio book