Top 10 urban exploration websites

Posted by Higgypop Admin on Tue 03 Jan 2012 at 01:37

Discover some of the best urban exploration website on the internet, we've put together a list of our top ten urbex websites.

1. Contamination Zone
Contamination Zone
Contamination Zone has the most character and personality of all the urban exploration websites we have seen. They make urban exploration look creepy and mysterious. The guys have an amazing collection of photos of some really unique please across Europe like the London International Cruise Terminal. There catalogue of trips includes coal mines, car plants and power stations as well as lots of spooky hospitals and asylums, this is where Contamination Zone does something a little different, they snap photo of models led up on the body-slabs in the creepy Victorian operating theatre and mortuaries.
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2. Silent UK
Silent UK
Silent UK has a great list of abandoned and forgotten places catalogued on their site. The locations are simply categorised in either "above" or "below". I think where Silent UK has carved its niche is in bridges, high-rise buildings, theme parks. They don't just stopped at abandoned places though, the guys have managed to to get in to well known UK theme parks out of season, scaled London's O2 Arena and, although mostly a UK based site, they even explored the Olympic Stadium in Beijing.
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3. Subterranea Britannica
Subterranea Britannica
When it comes to knowledge, Sub Brit is where it's at. The members of the society investigate any man-made or man-used underground places, from mines and railway tunnels to military defences. They document the locations on their website in a detail that no other website can match and include rare photos of long forgotten places. Members receive a copy of the Subterranea magazine three times a year and also get third party liability insurance which allows members to attend underground visits, where this is often a requirement.
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4. 28 Days Later
28 Days Later
We can't deny that the 28 Days Later has been known to be a little controversial in the past, but with over 13,000 contributing members the one thing 28DL isn't is quiet. It's easily the most active group of urban explorers in the UK, perhaps the world. The members have visited hundreds of asylums, hospitals, military sites, cinemas and other abandoned places of interest. Users post photos and detailed trip reports as well as discussing all aspects of urban exploration.
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5. Urban Sickness
Urban Sickness
Urban Sickness shows you what lays behind closed doors and tucked away corners of our towns and cities. The site documents trips to sites including military ruins and bunkers from the World War 2 and the Cold War, as well as the urban explorers favourite haunts, abandoned mental asylums and hospitals. One unique little mission we stumble upon was photographs of an infiltration in to the Big Brother house.
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6. Dark Places
Dark Places
While not as big as some of the other urban exploration forums which attract a broader audience, Dark Places is friendly and popular meeting point for all explorers interested in underground chat. The strong community meet often, share information, photos and videos of drains, caves, quarries, mines, tunnels and bunkers they have explored. There's thousands of discussion topics to get involved with and over 10,000 fascinating pictures of under round secrets.
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7. Forbidden Places
Forbidden Places
Forbidden Places neatly categorises and shows of trips to many location around the world. There's amazing photos from abandoned location in the USA, France, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy and here in the UK. Sadly, the site doesn't seem to be very active nowadays, the last trip to be documented was in 2009.
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8. Whatever's Left
Whatever's Left
A really slick, clean and professional looking urbex website which specialises in asylums and hospitals, all of which are easy to find and categorised well. The site is mainly focused around the Southwest of England but also details disused industrial sites and hospital across the whole of the UK.
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9. UrbEx UK
UrbEx UK
UrbEx UK is one of the UK's longest running urban exploration resources and one of the first sites we ever visited back in our early days of exploring. Theirs trip reports and quality photos dating back to 2002 which are well worth a look through.
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10. Dark Passage
Dark Passage
Our final website the we suggest you check out is Dark Passage, a US-based website which seems to deal mostly in photos of disused hospitals and architectural decay. They don't have as many locations listed but of those they do, there are some great photos which are well worth a look.
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