Tweeks and Tweets

Posted by Higgypop Admin on Tue 28 Apr 2009 at 18:00

As you know, Nettleden underwent a big revamp in December, thanks to all those of you who have signed up to the new website.

Since the revamp we've been watching and working on version 2 of the site. As users grow and interact more, the odd few bugs pop up. A couple of these were fixed yesterday:- - Trip reports now show on venue pages (if you are logged in). - The notification page has been fixed, a few little problems with that. We've also opened up a few more site features to non-registered users, we hope that this change will make it more obvious to passing visitors what the site does and encourage new sign ups. Also, to get us out there on to the web and in people's faces a little more, we now have a Twitter feed which is automatically update with website and urbex news and users comments. Follow on Twitter - Version 2 of the website will offer photo galleries, events. It's a little wider to fit bigger monitors better and is a lot more spontaneous and means much less clicking around. It's a big task but fingers crossed the launch shouldn't be too far away.


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