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Urban exploration venues in Bristol

  • Bristol Brewery

    Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

    A Brewery in the center of Bristol, now close and currently being redeveloped. The brewery produced George's and then Courage's beer from 1702.

  • Clifton Rocks Railway

    Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

    A funicular railway constructed inside the cliffs of the Avon Gorge, it closed before WWII and became a secret transmission base for the BBC.

  • Hallen Fuel Depot

    Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

    A cluster of huge underground fuel tanks, built to store fuel stocks in WW2 serving the Avonmouth to London pipeline with aviation fuel, an HAA site was set up to protect the fuel reserve.

  • Hallen ROC

    Hallen, Bristol, United Kingdom

    On top of a hill over looking the Severn off of Hallen Road to the East, North of the M5.

  • Northern Storm-water Interceptor

    Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

    Bristol's Northern Storm-water Interceptor, nicknamed 'The Motherload' by drainers, is a massive storm-water drain which acts as a flood prevention measure for Bristo.

  • Parcel Force

    Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

    Ex-Royal Mail/Parcel Force sorting depot with connection to Bristol's Temple Meads station.

  • Redcliffe Caves

    Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

    A complex of man made caves under Bristol carved out of red sandstone. The caves are open to the public for one or two weekends a year, more details can be found on the Axbridge Caving Club website.

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