Glossary of terms

Urban exploration words, phrases and terminology explained.

  • Adit

    A horizontal or almost horizontal entrance to a quarry.

  • Bakerloo line

    A London underground line, opened in 1906 and coloured brown on the tube maps.

  • Basil Hill Barracks

    Ministry of Defence property, it's situated above Tunnel Quarry and Spring Quarry and consists of mostly office space.

  • Bunker

    A bunker is a manmade underground structure which is often reinforced to withstand attack.

  • Burlington

    A code name for the former Emergency Government War Headquarters.

  • CAD Corsham

    Central Ammunitions Depot Corsham.

  • Cathedral

    Cathedral in terms of underground exploration is a large, cavernous area of Box Quarry.

  • CCC

    Command and Control Centre/Corsham Computer Center.

  • CDCN

    Command Defence Communications Network.

  • CDI Fan

    Corsham Depot Inlet Fan/Cilft Drift Intake fan.

  • Central line

    A London underground line, opened in 1900 and coloured red on the tube map.


    Central Government War Headquarters.

  • Circle line

    A London underground line, opened in 1884 and coloured yellow on the tube maps.

  • COBR

    A suite of secure briefing rooms under Whitehall, used in times of national crisis by various government departments.

  • Cold War

    The Cold War was an ongoing state of political unrest which lasted from 1947 to 1991 between the Communist World, mainly the Soviet Union and the Western world.

  • Dark Places

    Dark Places is a trusted and active forum and research portal relating to urban and underground exploration.

  • DCSA

    Defence Communication Services Agency.

  • District line

    A London underground line, opened in 1868 and coloured green on the tube map.


    Emergency Government War Headquarters.

  • First World War

    The First World War, also known as World War I or WWI and formerly the Great War, began in Europe in 1914 and ended in November 1918.

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