Ammo Case Valley

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A Second World War ammo dump, the valley was originally the entrance to Browns Folly Mine which was collapsed by the War Department.

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Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Grid reference: ST797662

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Ammo Case Valley history

When the Monkton Farleigh ammunition depot closed in the early 60s, it was decided that thousands of tons of cordite was burnt. The site they used for the demolition pit was in the valley which originally lead to the main entrance to Browns Folly mine in the woods, the entrance was collapsed for security when the MOD moved in to the mine, it took the MOD four years to dispose of all the cordite. The valley is a quarter of a mile long and thirty feet deep and once the MOD had finished there was packed full of empty cordite canisters, some still remain today.


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Skeletor   Quite a few cases still there. All rusted and misshapen though, unfortunately.

But there is a pretty kick ass rope swing a 100m or so to the East.
September 2016
joebrooklyn   Been here yesterday. The correct spot on a map is 51.23'37"N 2.17'34"W.Its more of to the right of the map. There are stil ammo cases there but flat rusted and broken so dont expect to find any jems. Its over grown there so you dont see as much as you like going by youtube vids. Still a nice woods to walk it. Found a little cave bit too. Ill post a video once I edit it.
June 2016
joebrooklyn   Anyone been here recently?
June 2016
jollyboy2   Hi, new to al this, went to Monkton Farleigh today, struggled to find Ammo case alley.
Anyone got any map locations / directions?
August 2015
XplorerQem   Just giving an update. Went here last month, still a few cases to be seen, probably about 50-60. Quite interesting :)
July 2015
giantdeer   been here today, agree with mxdeanmay, not many ammo cases left but still cool. couldnt find the mine entrance though, anyone help ? Also looking for a way into burlington, anyone know of one or goin down there soon ?
January 2014
mxdeanmay   been to the ammo sight it has change does not look like the photo there look to be about 40 ammo case left I do have photo and I will try put them on sight :( 20.12.13
December 2013
Twoflower   Hello all
I am new to the area and have been up to the mine but was unable to locate the ammo case valley
could anyone give me directions or pointers as to where it is please
many thanks
February 2013
impromento   going for a look around tomorrow so will udload some info on what i find. will take the camera too... not sure where the alley is but hey, thats exploring!
December 2012
Higgypop Admin   My photo is probably about 10/11 years old now, I guess since then they've been trampled on, rusted away and buried.
March 2011
shaz4scott   How do you get to ammo case valley in monkton farleigh?
March 2011
Higgypop Admin   My photo is probably about 10/11 years old now, I guess since then they've been trampled on, rusted away and buried.
March 2011
3999   Visited Monkton Farleigh with my son at the weekend & found Ammo Case Valley.Someone must have sent the the cleaners around,compared with Higgypop's picture posted less than a year ago it's almost empty.There is just a(huge)pile of shells at the mine entrance end of the valley now!
March 2011
Higgypop Admin   Yeah.... it's called Farleigh Down Tunnel. You can find more info about it on the venue page... click the link at the top of the page.
May 2009
lobbo   has anyone explored the underground shaft that runs from Box to monkton farleigh ammo dump,it was used to convey all the shells from the railway in Box to Monkton farleigh, the conveyor belt and huge motors are still in situ, and alot of graffiti from the soldiers on walls im willing to take you there if anybody is interested.
May 2009
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