Brewers Yard Quarry

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A very unique former Bath stone quarry, the quarry is small in size but has some interesting features. The quarry comprises of two levels which are connected by a stone staircase and a vertical shaft connecting both levels with the surface. There are many blocks of Ashlar which were stacked up but never moved to the surface.

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Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Grid reference: ST845703

Some access

The quarry is currently open, however the step entrance is dangerous - it would be advisable to use a rope to ensure safe access.

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Photos of Brewers Yard Quarry

Brewers Yard Quarry history

A very steep and narrow slope shaft leads down in to the upper layer of the quarry. Once inside there is a narrow stone staircase which leads down in to the lower level of the quarry.

In the lower level many sawn blocks of Ashlar are stacked up but were never removed, this was possibly due to a collapse at a smaller shaft in the centre of the mine preventing the removal of the stone.

A shaft has been sunk from the surface down through both levels of the quarry, this would have been used to remove stone from both levels up to the surface. The shaft is now capped.



Bristol Brewery
Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom


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lukeybuzz   hi, i went last year with some friends and had no problems. you can ask for the key to a door in the quarrymans arms. the entrance is down the road on the left in a forest, you can ask for info. we made it to the cathedral with no experince and did just fine.
December 2016
Yzfr6   Now blocked off....
November 2014
Bailo   Was in this area today, didn't see it.
October 2009
Chag   IT was a good trip Ditzy I enjoy goin with you Bri and Stacy when we goin again.Chag
April 2009
Chag   Took Bri Ditzy and Stacie to Brewers yard as they nor me had been in before Ienjoyed the trip enrance shaft was a little unstable But The rest of the quarry was ok dosent look as though to many have been in there which is good .Looking forward to the next trip under ground .Chag
March 2009
BPE   The bottom of the incline where you duck through had some loose crumbly bits of wall, looked like bed rock but it was rotten. Also, the area beyond thye big beam across the passage had some serious hanging death, as well as a nice fossil...
March 2009
ditzy   i dont think a rope is a must have,but we did have one with us,getting down is easy ,tho i think a rope may be needed out,i held onto he rope down and up.there were definatly some dodgy looking parts in places.
February 2009
Higgypop Admin   Yeah, I remember when I went years ago it was a bit dodgy. You need a rope really to get in and out.
February 2009
ditzy   had a look in brewers yesterday for the first time with bri,staci and my grampy,nice place tho stuff was rather loose in places!think the frost had got to the entrence a little aswell as a lot of the roof was loose. had a boulder land on me as was climbing out. i also pulled some other bits off the entrence aswell as they were just hanging!
February 2009
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