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One of the UK's best kept secrets, CCC is an active government bunker located at Peel Circus in Corsham, above ground the site consists of nothing more than a doorway in to a mound of earth, obscured from public view by a ring of trees and vegetation.

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Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Grid reference: ST857696

No access

This is an active MOD site, there is no public access and the high security presence means you can't even get close enough to this venue to see any surface buildings.

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Command and Control Centre history

Even the name is shrouded in a small, a discreet plain white sign points to this secret bunker, its plain, black text simply reads "C.C.C." The locals know it as the Corsham Computer Centre, it's official name is the Command and Control Centre.

Passing by you'd never realise the bunker exists, let alone how secure it is and its importance to national security. CCC is built within a huge underground stone quarry beneath Corsham in Wiltshire. During the Second World War, the quarry was converted into a huge ammunition store.

The store, just one part of the Central Ammunition Depot consisted of almost 1 square kilometre of whitewashed, corridors lit with thousands of bulbs. Along these subterranean passageways, an enormous conveyor belt system transport the ammo into the many air-conditioned storage districts.

Following the war the site remained in the hands of the War Department and many areas are still used by the Ministry of Defence today, including a small area at the East end of the former quarry which is now sealed from its underground surroundings to house CCC.

The conversion work to build the self contained bunker was carried out in the 1980s, this included the installation of supports for the old quarry ceiling and concrete reinforcement to ensure that the bunker needed as little maintenance as possible in future.

At the time rumours circulated that the work being carried out in the area was to upgrade Burlington, the former government relocation bunker from the Cold War, however when Burlington was declassified in 2004 it became clear that there was never an upgrade and that since the 1980s, Burlington had been used as a decoy site to divert attention away from other facilities in Corsham such as CCC.

Today, other than emergency access, CCC is sealed off from the rest of the quarry and is accessible via a lift from a discreet bunker style entrance in Peel Circus. Security at the site appears to be low key, however two perimeter fences circle the entrance with a ring of dense vegetation and trees to obscure the facility from public view.

Curious members of the public passing-by can drive down the small road to CCC's gates, which are watched over by several CCTV cameras, this is about all you can see from ground level but from above you see that the beyond the gates is a large mound of earth, a concrete-reinforced entrance leads into the side of the artificial hill.

Anyone with the clearance to enter the bunker would be faced with a plain reception, staff hidden behind tinted glass and two 'Spooks' style test tube doors leading to the bunker's personnel lift.

Of course, all this security and secrecy exists for a reason and there's very little solid fact about what CCC is actually used for. In the last few years it has been claimed that bunker houses a Royal Navy data processing facility or that the site could be a command bunker and alternative national seat of government in the event of a nuclear emergency.

The most likely role, or the Government's best cover story at present, is that CCC is part of the Submarine Command & Control (SMC2) programme, responsible for the maintenance of software linked to the UK's nuclear deterrent, Trident.

Whatever CCC is used for, it's clear that we don't need to know. The bunker doesn't officially exist and details of its interior are nothing more then rumours leaked out by sub-contractors. Some claim that the lift takes you to a plain, whitewashed corridor which circles the outside of the bunker, revealing nothing more than a water cooler.

Beyond the corridor there are tales of a huge, open-plan, operations room with a wall of video displays and staff manning terminals 24/7.



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truthseekers   They have built a lovely new estate of houses right around the CCC which makes it even more hidden. Also because of unexpected visits they slightly beefed up the security so you can no longer just slide the gate open and walk right up to the bunker entrance as its a security keypad now to open the gates. Still no signs saying military base or keep out... you have to laugh! See our funny tongue in cheek... [Read more]
January 2017
Robbie414   I've been away for a long time, hence the late replies. The link posted by Greeny is to the GOSCC, this is a semi sunken facility at MOD Corsham. It's actually the building on the end of the row of office buildings at the 'front' of the facility. The whole complex feels more like a google campus inside than a MOD facility. Costa coffee shops and everything! :-) The GOSCC is not the... [Read more]
February 2016
Robbie414   RodH is correct. No, this information is not public domain. Anything to do with the UK Strategic Deterrent is classified. I can tell you again though that CCC stands for Corsham Computer Centre.
February 2016
RodH   I do know that some elements of strategic computer planning goes on within the bunker.
March 2014
TDog   So brilliant how this is in such plain view yet no one actually knows what goes on in there. Driven past it so many times but never thought it could be a top secret anything. It's right next to a massive housing estate as well. It so well disguised in that it's not, it's just brilliant.
December 2013
impromento   wow! reading that was very interesting indeed - so i'm going to take a look around tomorrow and see what's there.
December 2012
k1ckaha   How do you know this? Is it public domain?
November 2011
Robbie414   Hi, the CCC is not just known as the Corsham Computer Center, it IS the Corsham Computer Center. It's not a command center at all, its a computer center involved in strategic systems and contracted to MASS consultants.
February 2011
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