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  • Kelvedon Hatch

    Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom

    A 1950s Air Ministry bunker spread over three floors, accessible from a small cottage, the bunker is now open to the public as the "Secret Nuclear Bunker" museum.

  • Limpley Stoke Quarry

    Limpley Stoke, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Limpley Stoke is also known as Hayes Wood Quarry, after a 40 year gap this Bath stone quarry has returned to it's former use as a source of stone.

  • Little Sodbury ROC

    Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

    Little Sodbury ROC can be found in a field near New Tyning Lane and the junctions of Horton Hill, just off of the A46.

  • Market Deeping ROC

    Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

    A former ROC post, complete with a small toilet room and a main room which still has metal bunk beds with sheets. The bunker has suffered some damage but still worth a look.

  • MOD Corsham

    Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Now known by the name MOD Corsham and formerly JSU Corsham (Joint Service Unit) and RAF Rudloe Manor. A large military site which sits directly above the MOD's underground tunnel complex. During the Second World War the underground site made up part of a massive ammunitions depot and the world's largest underground factory. Later these tunnels became a government's emergency relocation site and various communication bunkers were also set up here.

  • Monks Park Quarry

    Neston, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Monks Park is divided into two sections, one part is still a working stone quarry while the other part was once a Royal Navy storage depot but is now occupied by Leafield Engineering who make components for the defence industry and commercial users.

  • Monkton Farleigh Mine

    Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    This former Bath stone quarry was converted in to a sub-depot of the Central Ammunitions Depot. The site consists of two areas, the main storage area - districts 12 to 18 and connect via a drift, districts 19 and 20. Each storage district was divided up in to numbered storage bays, passage ways were fitted with conveyor to transport crates of ammunition around the mine.

  • Moorgreen Hospital

    West End, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

    This abandoned hospital has two parts, the main building is 4 floors, the smaller building consists of 2 floors. Vandals and thieves have had a right go at this place and it is pretty trashed but a great explore if you fancy an abandoned hospital.

  • Nocton Hall

    Nocton, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

    Beautiful burnt out Hall, formerly a hospital used by the RAF.

  • Northern Storm-water Interceptor

    Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

    Bristol's Northern Storm-water Interceptor, nicknamed 'The Motherload' by drainers, is a massive storm-water drain which acts as a flood prevention measure for Bristo.

  • Old Iron Works

    Mells, Somerset , Somerset, United Kingdom

    Old Iron Works, originally known as Fussells' Lower Works is an abandoned iron works, comprising mostly of roofless stone building shells, some still with the metal beams or stairs intact. Some of the old works still remains such as old furnaces. Underneath the works there is a network of small underground tunnels. Most of the site has now been taken over by the elements which makes these large stone buildings even more interesting.

  • Paddock

    Dollis Hill, London, United Kingdom

    Paddock was Winston Churchill's alternate Cabinet War Room bunker for World War II, constructed in 1939 but only visited once by the Prime Minister before it was abandoned in 1944.

  • Parcel Force

    Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

    Ex-Royal Mail/Parcel Force sorting depot with connection to Bristol's Temple Meads station.

  • Park Lane Quarry

    Neston, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Park Lane Quarry is consists of 500 meters of underground workings spread over 100 square-meters, it can be found less than half a mile from larger Ridge Quarry.

  • PAWN

    Wood Norton, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

    Situated not far from Evesham and hidden beneath a wooded hillside, a transmission tower is the only clue to motorists of its existence as they pass by on the busy A44 in Worcestershire, this is PAWN (Protected Area Wood Norton).

  • Pickwick Quarry

    Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Also known as Hartham Park, it was Bath stone until 1939 when it became a temporary naval store, the stores were then transferred to Dean Hill and quarrying continued. In the 80s the quarry became a quarry museum.

  • PINDAR Bunker

    Whitehall, London, United Kingdom

    PINDAR is a secure government bunker complex, constructed in the 1990s beneath the Ministry of Defence headquarters on Whitehall in Central London.

  • Portland ROTOR

    Portland, Dorset, United Kingdom

    A single story, underground operations block constructed in 1950 as part of a project to provided complete radar cover for the UK, it went in to operation in 1953. The site is now in private ownership.

  • Poulton Quarry

    Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    A small stone quarry, just off of the main road through the small town of Bradford on Avon, since closing the tunnels have been put to several other uses.

  • Predannack Airfield

    The Lizard , Cornwall, United Kingdom

    Predannack is owned by the MOD and the main part of the airfield is used for Navy fire and rescue training by RNAS Culdrose. The derelict planes and helicopters are on the disued part on very south side of the airfield.

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