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  • Primary Network Control Centre

    Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    To the Western end of Tunnel Quarry was an area which was the proposed number 1 district as part of the ammo stores, however due to a severe geological fault this area was never developed by Royal Engineers however the air ministry did make use of it 1943 when they converted it in to South West Control, a military communications centre which opperated up until the 1990s.

  • Racton Monument

    Racton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

    Racton Monument, or the Racton Ruin as it's known locally is a hilltop folly on the edge of Standtead Park in West Sussex. It was originally a summerhouse to the 2nd Earl of Halifax but has been abandoned and derelict for many years despite their being a planning proposal to develop the folly and turn it in to a residential dwelling.

  • RAF Chilmark Ammunition Stores

    Chilmark, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    This is a former RAF munitions and bomb store site with underground tunnel systems which were accessible from the surface by smaller gauge rail which would take stores underground by rail and also in one tunnel section by use of a lift shaft. Above ground bunker "magazines" are still visible and in excellent condition but are now privately owned by a company "EHD" and their site is known as "EHD Fonthill". You can often drive in and pass these bunkers at EHD to speak to the staff in the offices.

  • RAF Upwood

    Upwood, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

    Loads of derelict buildings four of which have underground bunkers there's a hospital, police station, water tower, two tanks and much more.

  • Redcliffe Caves

    Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

    A complex of man made caves under Bristol carved out of red sandstone. The caves are open to the public for one or two weekends a year, more details can be found on the Axbridge Caving Club website.

  • Ridge Quarry

    Neston, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Originally quarried for Bath stone up until 1914, it was later put in to use by the War Department as a sub-depot of the Central Ammunitions Depot Corsham.

  • Rocks Quarry

    Colerne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    The Rocks is one of the smallest of the Bath stone quarries, it consists of just one passageway about 200 meters in length, stone from the quarry was used to build the near-by estate of the same name.

  • Salisbury Urban District Control Centre

    Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Now disused, the Salisbury UD control bunker is a fairly small but really well built bunker, which was put in to use in 1963.

  • Sandhill Park Estate

    Bishops Lydeard, Somerset, United Kingdom

    Originally the Lethbridge family home, it was used as an army hospital during the WW2 and then put in to use as a hospital for handicapped children by the local council, it has since been closed down.

  • Sands Quarry

    Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Sands is a fairly small quarry connecting to the Southern end of Spring Quarry, it is only about 4.6 square miles. Sands is used as an emergency exit. Refelctive metal check points guide the way from the Spring Quarry emergency exit to surface slope shaft of Sands Quarry lit only be a torch light.

  • Scotland's Secret Bunker

    Anstruther, Fife, United Kingdom

    One of the UK's biggest and most secret bunkers was hidden in the small Scottish town of Anstruther, near Troywood in Fife. Like Kelvedon Hatch, this regional government hideout was hidden beneath an innocent-looking Scottish farmhouse.

  • Severalls Hospital

    Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom

    Severalls Hospital is an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Colchester, built in 1910 and it its peaked could care for 2,000 patients.

  • Singleway Mine

    Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom

    A small quarry spread through out a hill top near Bath University.

  • Spring Quarry

    Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    A large stone quarry which was converted by the air ministry during WWII, the quarry housed the world's largest underground factory. Later it became Royal Navy stores and part of the factory was converted in the government's emergency relocation site in the event of nuclear attack. Spring Quarry joins the south edge Tunnel Quarry, it also joins the smaller abandoned Sands Quarry.

  • Stockwell Deep Level Shelter

    Stockwell, London, United Kingdom

    During the Second World War eight deep level shelters were built underneath stations on the Northern Line. The Stockwell shelter was completed in 1942 and was used as a public shelter for a year in 1944. The shelter is now used as document archiving warehouse.

  • Swan Mine

    Kingsdown, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Swan Mine, also known as Kingsdown Quarry is a great, average size quarry with loads of quarryman's tools and artifacts still remaining today.

  • The Mount Hospital

    Stoke Common, Bishopstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom

    The infamous Mount Mental Asylum. It was a beautiful place with plenty to offer however, graffiti and trash was abundant throughout. Now closed after a local petition by residents around the area who found it to be too noisy.

  • The Ships Graveyard

    Sharpness, South Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

    Actually nearer the small village of Purton, many boats lie in the mud on the banks of the Severn, some concrete hulled boats still remain in good condition today, while the wooden ships slowly rot away. In the middle of the Severn the wreck of an old cargo ship which sunk can be seen on low tide.

  • Tunnel Quarry

    Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    Tunnel Quarry was one of the four sub-depots of the Central Ammunitions Depot, parts of the converted Bath stone quarry are still security classified sites today. The quarry connects to the northern edge of Spring Quarry and also had a link to the GWR main line at the eastern portal of Brunel's Box Tunnel.

  • Westwells Quarry

    Corsham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

    A small Bath stone quarry which has been buried under new housing in Corsham. The quarry was known by two names, Westwells Quarry and Moor Park Quarry.

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