Parcel Force

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Ex-Royal Mail/Parcel Force sorting depot with connection to Bristol's Temple Meads station.

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Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

Grid reference: ST600724

Some access

The site is derelict but usually kept fairly secure as it is an inner city building.

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Park Lane Quarry
Neston, Wiltshire, United Kingdom


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Nix   Always wanted to explore this building especially now before it gets renovated . Any tips on how to get in?
June 2014
bigjobs   How to you create your own thread on here?
January 2013
JSleek   Yeah does anybody know where this is? Really interested.
December 2012
harlequin   always wanted to put a club in here.
September 2011
ouch   hi i used to work for a company in bristol and had to go into the building to repair a digger and they let me wander round it goes underground one level but its massive in there and there has been alot of vandalism ... apparently its going to be a shopping mall and flats some foriegner owns it abroad
January 2011
Mediaboy   Hey there, i have always wanted to go see the parcel force building in bristol, but i don't know how to get did you get in? i want to try a bit of filming there and the setting is perfect for what i want to do! please help me!
January 2011
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