737 Bunker Salisbury Plain

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I refer to this as the 737 Bunker and it is locateon the Salisbury Plain.

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Market Lavington, Wiltshire, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Grid reference: SU026512

No access

Location 51.260525, -1.963307

Visited by no explorers

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737 Bunker Salisbury Plain history

I refer to this as the 737 Bunker as there is half a Boeing 737 next to it. Warning signs that X-Rays will be present when warning sirens sound and an odd bunker building with a look out tower. Could be used for military training - but the warning about X-Rays sounds ominous. When the red flags aren't flying on the Plain it "may" be safe for you to walk over to it and have a look. It seems to be above ground. I have no evidence there is anything underground. Signs outside say it is operated by "COTEC" who I believe are a weapons testing company.

OS Maps seem to refer to this location as a "Shelter"



Admiralty Citadel
Horse Guards Parade, London, United Kingdom


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